Winter is coming!

When Russian tanks roll over Ukraine’s fields when technology companies are dramatically cut in worth when the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic continue to ripple around the world – one thing is clear! Fear is crawling back to the markets; fear from the growing uncertainty will change many paradigms we had for so many years and will affect the job market, the financial markets, the retail markets, and almost every aspect of our lives.

What does this mean for the supply chain arena? How will this impact the demand which is the engine for everything in the supply chain? The consequence of these changes is that retailers, distributors, and manufacturers need to take a new strategic approach to their business, analyze the core challenges they face, dive deep into the root cause of it, and prepare for the mammoth changes in the markets that are to come.

I may not have all of the answers, but I do have a substantial assumption that variability will dramatically increase. It looks like supply chains will become a lot more volatile, and the market is likely to move between extremes, adding numerous challenges to managing it profitably.

What can be done to prepare in advance? Progressive Labs provides solutions that help and address all of your concerns (High uncertainty, growing volatility & variability, fast-changing market conditions) in preparation for tomorrow’s future marketplace,>>

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