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Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Yasushi Ono, Chief Specialist

Using ProLaris for more than 18 months, we are really satisfied with its performance. ProLaris gave us clear priority on our production floor and brought shorter lead times by improving the flow and the production pace. ProLaris assumes an important role in processing our production .

ICT Infrastructure Services Center




Søren Grubbe, VP of Supply Chain

"A lot of other plants are waiting in the queue to get on board into this program”. FLSmidth used an external partner, Progressive Labs – to help develop this program. “They have really brought, first of all, a unique skill set of competencies that we didn't have ourselves, but also they have brought some technology that has helped us synchronizing engineering with procurement and production to one transparent and controllable flow"

D Quantum

Daniel Reid, Senior Manager

As a long time customer (almost 3 years), the service and support level are stellar.
ProLaris is an amazing tool (secure, reliable, cost effective) – it’s invaluable to our company.
The product just works seamlessly with our legacy systems and give us full visibility and automation.


Gabriel F. Lopes - Supermercados Treixedo LTDA
We have been using PL  since July 2015, and it has become a central part of our operations. With it, we have increased inventory turns and reduced shortages, which fell from an industry average 11% to less than 4%, greatly increasing customer experience and satisfaction.
Backed by a great support team, Progressive-labs' software are certain to turn your stock management operation into a decisive competitive edge to your company.
Vicko Saban


Pini usha


Danny Povolotski

VP DevOps

Yaniv Dinur


Dani Omri

VP Business development

About progressive labs

Uncertainty is the root cause for the core problem in supply chains. Common approach to deal with uncertainty is to rely on detailed “accurate” projections  thus imposing certainty on uncertain reality. Progressive Labs innovative approach is protecting uncertainty with dynamic buffers according to real time demand-sensing capabilities and by bottlenecks identifications and load control. We orchestrate a smooth flow of goods across the manufacturing floor and supply chain by implementing revolutionary algorithms that react to real market demand. We provide greater visibility of daily product performance and help companies to automatically define the right inventory levels required at each stock location and production process. Our system is equipped with features to support end to end supply chain from raw materials, semi-finished goods, sub-assemblies and finish goods manufacturing & warehousing (make to order - MTO, make to stock - MTS, engineering to order - ETO, and combinations of the three) and procurement processes for any supply chain/retail architecture. Our system integrates easily, very fast and seamlessly to any ERP or legacy system, materializing huge benefits in just few weeks. Moreover, we are creating a “Unified Manufacturing and Supply Chain” that can leverage and give access to its execution and control features to different companies (or the same company using different ERPs) in the same ECOsystem. An advanced state-of-the-art SaaS-based cloud solution, that can handle any data volume, enables you to scale up the infrastructure as your business grows and boosts business results by utilizing your existing assets, taking into account your specific business constraints.

Our Advantages

Increased sales (significantly less/No stock-outs)

  • Happy customers (better level of service/availability of goods)
  • Better on time delivery
Reduced inventory and Exposed cash
  • Reduce costly initiatives (discounts, incentives, advertising etc.) to get rid of excessive stocks
  • Reduce dead and slow tail
  • Increase Inventory Turns (more sales coupled with less overall inventories)
  • Increased ROI
Reduced Operating Expense
  • Reduction in obsolete products
  • Exposed production capacity
  • Reduce Expedited shipments
  • Reduce Cross shipping
  • Reduce over time

Full synchronization between production/purchasing and real demand

  • Reveal excess production capacity – huge saving on new investments
  • Significantly faster response to market demands and special campaigns
  • No rescheduling – connecting BOM (RMs & packaging) to real demand
  • Advanced Dynamic Demand Sensing, can deal with very different demand patterns
Additional benefits
  • Extremely better visualization – critical for correct decision making in complex networks
  • Potential to expand the breadth of SKU’s at the customer, supported by the reduction in required inventory levels
  • Full synchronization across the entire supply chain with a single priority system
  • Much better control in Engineering and Procurement processes

Our partners

LEVERSENS - Columbia

Essential Collaborations - USA

BEING - Japan

P3 Consulting group - USA

DRAETHEN Solutions - UK

Alometrics - Spain/ Portugal


Our Office at Hchsharat Hayesuv tower (floor 34)
9 Jabotinsky St, Bnei Brak, Israel