Sustainable world, sustainable fashion

Today’s resources are becoming more and more limited, and at the same time, the population is growing. We are required to find new ways of managing resources and production. Because of this, the need to reuse already utilized resources is increasing, which has in turn led to the growth of the second-hand market and recycling […]

Risks drive fears to drive havoc

Uncertainties and variabilities are inherent in supply chains (and in life, I know…) and are often translated to fears. Fears of both phenomena often push people to extreme reactions – for example, on the one hand, fear of losing sales drives companies to overstock, ending up with significant surpluses. On the other hand, the fear […]

Build for efficiency? (need for speed)

For decades, efficiency used to be the leading approach to supply chain management. The main principle of lean supply chains was eliminating any part of the system that does not add “value.” For that, massive efforts are invested in reducing the “price per product,” eliminating excessive capacities, reducing the number of suppliers, producing in huge […]

Winter is coming!

When Russian tanks roll over Ukraine’s fields when technology companies are dramatically cut in worth when the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic continue to ripple around the world – one thing is clear! Fear is crawling back to the markets; fear from the growing uncertainty will change many paradigms we had for so many years […]

Globalized supply chain is fragile!

The painful time gap that inherently exists between supply chain lead time and market demand continues to expand. After years, it suddenly became clear: excessively globalized production processes are fragile! The main challenge in supply chains is the long reaction time factors upstream vs. the very short (and getting shorter and shorter) reaction time factors […]

Startup of the Week: Progressive Labs (SpaceTech Nation) COVID-19 is perhaps the one inescapable factor in our lives at the moment. And arguably nowhere is it more felt than the global supply chain, especially now in the swing of the holidays across much of the world. One company seeks to build a solution to the global beast, and they are using cutting-edge […]

Big Data meet Big BI – Retail operations automation is here

Leading a paradigm shift in the retail and supply chain world: Increasing turnover and profit by managing product depth, breadth and lifecycle Progressive Labs introduces a new paradigm for retailers and supply chain managers worldwide to increase their profits, improve product turnover, and boost sales. Having acquired decades of expertise in implementing retail and supply chain […]

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