Sustainable world, sustainable fashion

Today’s resources are becoming more and more limited, and at the same time, the population is growing. We are required to find new ways of managing resources and production. Because of this, the need to reuse already utilized resources is increasing, which has in turn led to the growth of the second-hand market and recycling of existing materials.

Many leading fashion companies understand that fast fashion has grown over the past few decades and is turning into a new reality and cycle of trends accompanied by the processing and use of old clothing. For businesses, there is a growing need to appeal to customers in a different way to reflect the ever-increasing trend of sustainable fashion.

Thus, a new market is emerging among the leading fashion companies, which have begun to develop new platforms for selling not only new clothes, but also second-hand pieces that customers bring in. In this way, fashion companies are able to maintain their place as fashion leaders through a new approach to customers who understand that the global trend is changing.

This is a beautiful presentation of the new supply chain trends we may see more and more of in the new world of retail.

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