“A lot of other plants are waiting in the queue to get on board into this program”. FLSmidth used an external partner, Progressive Labs – to help develop this program. “They have really brought, first of all, a unique skill set of competencies that we didn’t have ourselves, but also they have brought some technology that has helped us synchronizing engineering with procurement and production to one transparent and controllable flow”

D Quantum

As a long time customer (almost 3 years), the service and support level are stellar.
ProLaris is an amazing tool (secure, reliable, cost effective) – it’s invaluable to our company.
The product just works seamlessly with our legacy systems and give us full visibility and automation.


We have been using PL  since July 2015, and it has become a central part of our operations. With it, we have increased inventory turns and reduced shortages, which fell from an industry average 11% to less than 4%, greatly increasing customer experience and satisfaction.
Backed by a great support team, Progressive-labs’ software are certain to turn your stock management operation into a decisive competitive edge to your company.